Frequently Asked Questions

Bidder Questions:

What is a Max Bid?

The Max Bid represents the highest amount you are willing to bid on a particular item however it does not necessarily mean you will pay that amount. After placing a Max Bid, our software will automatically bid on your behalf in $1 increments above any competing bids that are less than your Max Bid. It is a strategic way to ensure you will not be outbid in the final moments within your predetermined bid range.

What is a Buy Now price?

The “Buy Now” feature allows bidders to purchase an item for a fixed price before the auction ends.

What is a Buyers Premium?

The buyer’s premium is a percentage additional charge on the hammer price of the lot that is paid by the winning bidder. All sales on Town & Sea have a 15% Buyer’s Premium.

What if I can not make the pickup date?

If you know you can not make a pickup date, we would advise coordinating a pickup with a shipper before placing a bid. If an item is won but no one arrives to pick it up, the item will be considered forfeited and no refunds will be given.

Do you provide shipping?

We do not provide shipping for our sales, however, we do have a large network of local shippers that we would be happy to connect you with. For an introduction, please send us an email at or check out our shipping page here.

Can I cancel my bid?

All bids placed on Town & Sea are final.

Seller Questions:

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Check out our “Sell With Us” page and we will be in touch promptly to schedule an in-person preview appointment! After the preview, we will simply need a signed auction agreement before cataloging your sale for the site.

How long do auctions run for?

Town & Sea auctions run on average for two weeks. The pickup date typically occurs within a week from the auction closing.

Are sellers responsible for shipping expenses?

No. If the winning bidder requires shipment on an item they have won, it is at their expense. Town & Sea does not handle shipping transactions.

Are sellers in charge of coordinating the pick-ups with the winning bidders?

No. Town & Sea oversees all pickup arrangements with the winning bidders. A member or two from our team will be there on the pickup date to facilitate and ensure smooth operations. We do ask that all items be brought to the first floor prior to the pickup taking place. If items are not easily accessible, we may ask the Seller to hire some extra hands or movers to ensure that all items are safely removed and/or brought down to the first floor.

What if an item is not picked up at the auction pickup?

All items that are not picked up at the auction pickup will be deemed forfeited.

Are sales final?

Yes, all sales are final. Once the timed auction clock runs out, the transfer of ownership begins. We ask that sellers determine their final catalog of items before they sign our auction agreement.

What if an item is not picked up at the auction pickup?

All items that are not picked up at the auction pickup will be deemed forfeited.

How do sellers get paid?

Sellers will receive a check payment mailed out within 10 days of their auction pickup date. The payment will reflect 70% of their auction’s hammer price total. The hammer price is the winning bid amount.

Additional Questions?

Please contact us at